Stark Transportation and Pipeline Services pledges to offer competitive pricing, a superior work ethic, plus a commitment to safety and the environment.

Transportation Services

Stark provides transportation services to all 48 states and Canada. We specialize in providing transport of pipeline service equipment with an array of truck sizes from small flatbed trucks to 18 Wheelers which we own and operate with Stark employees. Our trailers range from 15’ to 48’ in length. Stark does not hire contractors or owner/operators to perform any of our services. Stark follows all DOT mandates and we pride ourselves in going above and beyond the mandated safety regulations to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

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Crane Services

Along with transportation, Stark also owns and operates a fleet of cranes which range from 5 ton to 40 ton knuckleboom and straight boom cranes. Stark has streamlined our crane services to allow for transport and crane to be provided by one unit. Our knuckleboom cranes are truck-mounted and have the capability of transporting up to 35,000 pounds of cargo along with offering lifting services for loading, unloading and placement.

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PIG Tracking

Stark is available for all your PIG tracking needs. From Line-fills and batching to maintenance and In-Line Inspection tools. We realize that job preparation is one of the primary keys to success. After reviewing terrain, locations and the run parameters, Stark will develop a tracking plan to include personnel and equipment requirements. Utilizing various technologies our professional tracking crews use proven procedures to ensure that the progression of the PIG and AGM deployment is closely monitored, documented and communicated back to the client. A tracking report will be submitted at the end of each run. Tracking report will contain location, pass time, speed, AGM box numbers, maps, photos and personnel.

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Pipeline Survey

Stark offers both sub-meter and centimeter level accuracy depending on the client’s requirements. New construction, asset installations, ROW features, cut-outs / repairs and Above Ground Marker locations are just a few of the areas where our survey services can be utilized. The survey crew will confirm that the accuracy and data collection method meet the client’s requirements. The Survey Report will include all survey details including site description, survey method, equipment, data files (raw and processed), photos and maps. The goal is to ensure precise data collection and that the data is in a format can easily be viewed and imported into the clients GPS / GIS database.

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Pipeline Cleaning

As part of our turnkey service approach, Stark now offers cleaning services which includes transporting of temporary traps for launching and receiving, placement and installation of traps, PIG launching and receiving, PIG cleaning and containment.

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Project Management

With an average of over 20 years in the industry, the members of the Project Management team have overseen all aspects of pigging and In-line Inspections. From the initial feasibility assessment to the final remediation of the pipeline, you can feel confident that with Stark Project Management that the project will be executed in well planned, cost effective, and safe manner in strict accordance with the client’s Integrity Management Program (IMP) and all governing authorities. Our experienced personnel are prepared to manage any phase of your pipeline integrity needs, including: Cost estimates and analysis, ILI tool selection, Data and Log correlation/ validation, Contractor oversight, and Reporting.

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Line Locating

Having trouble locating your pipeline, or need to have it clearly marked at more frequent intervals? Our qualified Field Technicians have been trained to utilize both electronic equipment and physical probing procedures to identify and trace the exact location of the pipeline. Whether there are foreign pipeline crossings, the permanent markers aren’t in place, or One-calls have been submitted, our Line Locating services are able to accurately mark the pipeline at any linear interval required including depth of cover.

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AGM Site Selection & Documentation

Location, Location, Location. Above Ground Markers (AGM) are used primarily as reference points for In-Line Inspections and tracking sites. One of the major causes for an ILI vendor’s AGM box not triggering or the tracking crew not detecting the PIG pass is the location. Our experienced staff, in conjunction with the client’s alignments sheets (as-builts) and the In-Line Inspection tool vendor requirements, will establish AGM sites that will allow the best chance of detection at the required intervals. Each AGM site will be properly located and clearly visible. The documentation of each site will be given to client prior to the PIG run, complete with description, photo, sketch, GPS coordinates (including survey method), and maps that include the track used to access the site.

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Anomaly Locating

Correctly staking anomaly locations to be excavated is crucial to a client, especially when there are habitat or environmental concerns. Stark personnel are very experienced at interpreting all the major ILI vendors dig sheets and have been trained how to accurately locate the potential dig sites. Working with the client, Stark will plot the dig locations and determine what will be required to accurately chain-in the anomaly location, prior to mobilization. (Landowners, terrain, etc.) Once the location has been identified, staked, and documented a Location Report will be submitted to the client. Location Report will include upstream and downstream references, location notes, photos, GPS coordinates, and the track / directions used to access the site. All the information you need to make One-calls.

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Lost PIG Recovery

Few things can be more frustrating than losing a PIG in the pipeline. Stark Pipeline Services is here to help. Our experienced personnel will work with the client to assess the cause and a plot a course of action. Whether identifying possible problem areas on the pipeline, walking the line to detect the pig’s on-board transmitter or magnetic field (if applicable), or tracking a rescue PIG we are able to supply man power, equipment and the know-how to help locate / retrieve the PIG.

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NORM Decontamination

Stark Pipeline Services is licensed to perform NORM or Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material decontamination and NORM survey services. This is a growing need among operators as the concern regarding NORM presence has increased. Stark offers full service including NORM survey of the equipment and NORM decontamination along with containment and disposal of NORM waste. Our crews are trained and certified in the safety and handling of NORM contaminated equipment and NORM waste.

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Pig Launching and Receiving at Stark Transportation

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