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  • Crane Services

    Lifting and Setting

    Stark Pipeline Services is fully equipped and experienced in lifting and setting ILI tools to be commisioned, loaded, lauched, and received. Our experienced crane operators and specialized equipment are designed to minimize our footprint while also providing the lifting capacity needed to service the largest tools such as a 42" combo tool or EMAT. 

    Certified Operators and Equipment

    All of our crane operators are third-party certified as per OSHA Crane 1910.180 & 1926.550 and ASME B30.5. In addition, our crane opreators receive ILI specific training in regards to tool weights, lift points, and loading/launching procedures. Our crane operators specialize in ILI specific lifting operations. 
  • Pipeline Survey

    Specific Requirements

    Underground pipelines carry gas, oil, diesel and other energy resources across the country. Differences in terrain can create challenging conditions. Stark is suited to locate, survey, stake, document, and report pipeline and ILI passage data to our clients in an accurate and timely manner. Our technicians are trained to survey at sub-centimeter or sub-decimeter accuracy at any interval required. From AGM survey to staking digs, Stark can meet your survey needs. 
  • Tool Cleaning

    Pipeline Cleaning at Stark Pipeline Services

    Tool Cleaning 

    Stark Pipeline Services offers tool cleaning on any size/type of ILI or cleaning pig. We are prepared to wash, contain, and dispose of waste with our self-contained wash units. Stark uses a variety of cleaners to fit any client's specifications. We are prepared to decon many products such as crude oil and NGL. 
    Pipeline Cleaning at Stark Pipeline Services

    NORM Decontamination

    Our cleaning technicians are certified to decontaminate ILI tools containing NORM (Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material). We can perform NORM decon in any state and can assist with disposal of the waste at the clients request. Our RSOs (Radiation Safety Officers) will assist with taking NORM readings and documenting NORM levels throughout the decontamination process and then take samples for lab anlysis for proper disposal of the waste. 
  • Tracking

    Tool Tracking

    Stark is experienced in tracking many types of tools from 6" cleaning pigs to 42" smart tools. We are prepared to track in many different terrains from swamps to mountains.  We realize that job preparation is one of the primary keys to success. After reviewing terrain, locations and the run parameters, Stark will develop a tracking plan to include personnel and equipment requirements.

    Proven Procedures

    Utilizing various technologies our professional tracking crews use proven procedures to ensure that the progression of the ILI tool and AGM deployment is closely monitored, documented and communicated back to the client. A tracking report will be submitted at the end of each run.
  • Transportation


    With our fleet of trucks and 20' to 48' flatbed trailers, Stark Pipeline Services can easily transport equipment to a job site anywhere in North America. Our drivers receive client specific training and pipeline awareness training. All of our drivers arrive in full uniform and PPE and are familiar with pipeline sites and ILI procedures. Stark drivers are trained in how to properly secure ILI equipment to our trailers and how to safely load and unload the equipment. In addition to transportation, many of our trucks are equipped with cranes to provide lifting and transport with the same unit. 
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Turnkey Services

Stark offers an array of services starting with survey of the line before the run, transportation of the tool to site, lifting and launching the tool, tracking of the tool, lifting and receiving the tool, then washing or NORM decon of the tool, and finally transportation of the tool to another project or back to its origin. 

Investment in Personnel and Equipment

In the pipeline inspection industry, it is essential that projects are executed and completed in a professional and timely manner. One huge benefit that separates Stark Pipeline Services from its competitors is its investment in its employees and equipment. The company invests countless hours in training it's employees in ILI specific conditions. Stark also owns a variety of special equipment to expedite a project by providing clients with one contact for a multitude of pipeline service needs.


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