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50 Ton Staight Boom Cranes

Our 50 Ton cranes are stand alone cranes that are suited to lift the largest of the ILI tools including but not limited to 42" combo tools and EMATs. 


35 Ton Knuckleboom Cranes

The 35 Tons are a very versatile piece of equipment best suited to provide lifting for tools up to 36" in diameter. These cranes not only provide lifting but are also equipped with 48' trailers to also provide transportation services providing two units in one. 


5 Ton Knuckleboom Cranes

Stark offers this smaller option to help support ILI activites in the 6" to 20" range and provides a smaller footprint than our larger cranes. These cranes are also equipped with 26' flatbeds to provide the transport and lifting option to our customers. 


* The size of crane used will be determined by your unique project specifications.




18 Wheelers

Our 18 wheelers pull 48' flatbed trailers that can transport any size tool to any location in the country including Canada. All of our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking that we can share with our customers so that you always know where your tool is at the click of a button. 


1 Ton Trucks and Trailers

This option provides transport solutions for the smaller ILI tools such as caliper tools or small diameter MFLs. Our 1 Tons are equipped with 8' flatbeds and can pull 20' flatbed trailers or 40' gooseneck trailers depending on the clients specific needs. 


4X4 Trucks

These pickup style trucks are used to support our survey and tracking services. These trucks are equipped with brush guards, all terrain tires, radios, caution lights, and GPS in order to provide our technicians with the means to access the most remote locations. 


Other Equipment


Wash Units

Our tool cleaning and NORM decon units are designed to be self-contained units that arrive on site with all the necessary items to complete the project. Our units include a heated pressure washer, water tank, cleaners/solvents, wash berm, secondary containment, barrels, generator, and sump pump. 



Stark maintains a fleet of all-terrain vehicles to assist our techinicians in accessing those locations that cannot be reached by truck.