Turnkey Services

The goal of Stark Pipeline Services is to offer our customers a one call solution. Stark offers a full service suite starting with project management before the run and then moving to the survey of the line in preparation for the ILI inspection. Stark will then transport the tool to site and offer lifting services to load and launch the tool. Our crews will then track the tool during the run to monitor location and speed. Stark will then assist with receiving the tool and then provide cleaning of the tool on site including NORM decontamination if needed. Stark will then transport the tool to another project or back to its origin. Stark can offer a significant savings to its customers during this portion of the project as our crews perform multiple services using the same personnel. We can reduce mobilization costs by having the same crew complete the survey, tracking, and tool decon. Stark also offers post ILI services such as anomaly locating and staking in preparation for dig assessments.