NORM Decontamination

Stark Pipeline Services is licensed to perform NORM or Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material decontamination and NORM survey services. This is a growing need among operators as the concern regarding NORM presence has increased. Stark offers full service including NORM survey of the equipment and NORM decontamination along with containment and disposal of NORM waste. Our crews are trained and certified in the safety and handling of NORM contaminated equipment and NORM waste. Our NORM decontamination crews consist of an RSO (Radiation Safety Officer) and a cleaning technician who are equipped with a berm containment, waste barrels, heated pressure washer, digital radiation meter, radiation badges, Tyvex suites, full face respirators, and air samplers. Our goal is to perform our service with the highest quality equipment at an affordable cost to our customers. Our customers can expect to receive a safe and professional service that will meet state and DOT regulations from start to finish.


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